How to Use – The Complete Guide

Welcome to PDFChat!
PDFChat helps you acquire knowledge in a simple, productive way: upload a file, and chat with them in natural language! With the original document on the left and the chatbox on the right, you can ask PDFChat to summarize, extract, locate information, rewrite paragraphs, and conduct analysis.

  1. Versatile Document Support: PDFChat allows seamless uploading of various document formats including PDF, DOC, DOCX, Markdown, EPUB, TXT, websites, and even OCR-converted files. Plus, enjoy the convenience of uploading multiple documents simultaneously.
  2. AI Summary: Say goodbye to lengthy readings! PDFChat automatically generates summaries for uploaded documents, saving you valuable time and effort.
  3. Precise Query Options: Choose between asking questions about the entire document or target specific sections such as paragraphs, tables, and more. Enjoy pinpoint accuracy in your inquiries.
  4. Traceable Answers: Never lose track of your information sources again! With PDFChat, answers come with traceable references. Simply click on page numbers or numerical references to quickly locate the original context within the document.
  5. Document Sharing: Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues or friends by sharing documents on PDFChat. Multiple users can access and interact with documents simultaneously, fostering efficient teamwork and knowledge sharing.
  6. Formula Recognition: Struggling to decipher complex mathematical equations in academic papers? Let PDFChat's formula explain feature guide you through each step, providing clear explanations for even the most intricate formulas.

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